Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It is Thursday!  Time for my favorite post!  Awkward and Awesome!

  • My 6 year old's asthma cough (it sounds like a cross between a barking seal and an old man that has been smoking all his life)
  • The stares we get at a store when she coughs.  Seriously, I know it sounds bad, she has had it for 6 years people!  Mind your own business!!
  • Getting hit on at work "Do you have a boyfriend"...."No I am married with 3 kids!" SILENCE!!
  • Being hit on!  It made me feel great about myself for a moment!
  • Making semi-homemade tortilla chips!  It is my new obsession!
  • Having insurance!!  Maddi's medicine was $400 but with our insurance plan it was only $10!!  I cannot complain about that!
  • Our pediatrician, enough said!  Seriously just check out their website, they are amazing!!
  • Finding craft stuff at Wal-Mart!  Now I just need an idea and I can get creative!! 
What are your awkward's and awesome's for last week??


Yvonne Martinez said...

Woo Hoo to being hit on! ;) You are a beautiful lady and I know how amazing it feels when other people notice!

Awesome: Having a bestie that has gotten me addicted to blogging! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new hobby! ...and YOU!

Yvonne Martinez said...

ooh, another awesome... I got a comment today from a non-friend! I know little things like that make you happy, too, so I thought I'd share!

Kristi said...

Just reading you typ SILENCE made me miss you soo much. I so read that in Tiffany voice!!

Excited to see what craft you make! :)

Rachel said...

Insurance *can be* awesome!! Do you use tortillas from the store, cut them into triangles and bake? Or is there another way to make semi-homemade tortillas? Either way, what a great snack. I love the wheat ones!

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