Saturday, February 5, 2011

All you need is....

I have to admit I feel like I am becoming a craft geek or something! 
I have a constant need now to do something creative all the time! 
I would have loved to craft in the 4 days I was confined to my house
(thank you ice storm)
but being that I am just starting out, I really had nothing to work with. 
My biggest issue now is getting a good solid idea and figuring out how to execute.  
Being creative and crafty is not easy when you feel you have no creative bones in your body! 
I wander all over the craft stores feeling seriously overwhelmed and out of my league.  I guess I will get there one day.

Enough stalling, here is craft #2!

I took a blank oval piece of wood
And transformed it to this:
  • First I painted it red
  • Second I printed the picture of the cards and cut it out
  • Third I "glued" (spray adhesive) on the picture
  • Fourth I added the stickers
  • Lastly I added the bling
  • P.S. The bling came out of a craft that I had bought for Maddi to make
  • P.P.S. Yes I realize that I "stole" crafty stuff from my 6 y/o but she did not even notice!!

What do you think???


Kristi said...

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE it Tiff!!!! I'm sooo excited and proud of you for your projects, because you know I love crafty. If you tell me what your into, or what kind of stuff you think you might be interested in trying I plan on cleaning out my craft stuff and I'll send stuff to you. Mostly yarn, sewing materials, and needlepoint stuff, but hey...

Good Job!!!!

Heather Keener said...

Very cute!

Rachel said...

How cute! What a great idea with the cards like that - never seen it before!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Cute project! I love the bling!

BL said...

Uh, love this too!! So cute, where you gonna put it??

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