Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Love U

My poor baby is sick, she has strep :(
To make her feel better, I finished her craft!

I started with a wooden heart:

I painted it red.
I was going to write Maddi on it in blue (but I messed it up) so I splotched the blue paint to cover my mess up.
I let that dry and tried making a big, red M (but it ended up crooked and off center) so I splotched the red paint to cover up that mess.
Hey, it's trial and error right?
I finally decided to give up on the idea of writing her name and decided to use stickers.
I used an "I" and a "U" and stenciled in "love" with pink paint and added glitter.
I printed a picture of a pink rose, cut it out, stuck it out with my adhesive spray and added a border of glitter paint to it.

It is not exactly how I wanted it to look, but Maddi loves it!  I wish I had letter stickers in another color, but all I have is the black so they had to work.  My "love" is a little off, but I think I did a decent job of lining it up.  I think it needs a little something extra, but I am limited on supplies.

How do you think I did?? 


BL said...

I'm so impressed with you Ms. Craft cute!! I love that you're getting into it!!

Kristi said...

I love it!!! For you to say the red and blue splotched was a mistake it looks soo good! Do you have a hobby lobby in your area? If so, signup for their online coupons and when you get the 40% off, or they have their 50% off on scrapbooking you can get some really good deals. Lovin your creativity!

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