Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Gaga's Wisdom

I am not much of a Gaga fan, her outfits and antics are so overwhelmingly out there to me.  I mean a meat dress, come on, really??  Her last stunt with the egg sent me over the edge!  Who does that??  I watched her on Good Morning America last week, and I was pleasantly surprised at what she had to say.  Some of it made sense, not all, but some.  She said that we as people need to:

"Love and protect ourselves more. Live our lives with more passion.  And look inside ourselves for validation"
*This is not the whole quote, just what I could remember*

I surprisingly agree 100% with her statements!

Too often we look to society to judge ourselves and compare ourselves to others.  More often that not, we fall short of our comparisons, which makes us feel horrible about ourselves and our surroundings.  I know I compare myself to others on a constant basis. 

My body isn't as skinny as hers, my hair isn't as shiny, my kids and I aren't dressed as fancy, my house isn't as big, my job isn't as great....

I could seriously go on and on.  I agree that we need to stop looking to everyone else to make us happy and to validate us, and we need to figure out what makes us wonderful all on our own!  As soon as she said those words, I rewound the broadcast and listened to it over and over.  I could not believe it!  She was right!  I should love myself and validate myself.  Yes, I am a mom and a wife, but that is not all that I can be. 

I am so much more!!  I am going to be so much more!!
And I am going to do it for myself!!



Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

Wooowoooo!!! Holla!!!

I really love the Gaga, and I remember you mentioning one time that you didn't like, and wouldn't let the girls listen to her music and wondered why.

Anyway, this makes me really happy that you saw a little "good" in her!! Her outfits and antics are crazy, she's really talented musically, and she's a little nasty sometimes. And I love her :)

I saw that interview you're talking about. It was pretty great. I think most people miss her "message" because of her craziness!

Kristi@living-blessed-life said...

I love this post and it's soo true! I don't listen to her music, just because I'm soo out of touch with current artists unless it comes on Disney Channel.

Anyway, whatever award show it was where she wore the red netted outfit, it told about her and why she wears what she does. She said that her music and voice were good, but not anymore talented than the other female vocalists. She didn't want to get lost in the crowd and needed something that would make her stand out and be remembered...hence the outfits. Again, I can't really say I like or dislike her music but I like Poker Face lol :)

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