Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward And Awesome Thursday

WAHOO!!!!!  I just love that it is Thursday and another week is almost over!!

  • Making a green monster with frozen strawberries :(  FAIL!!  It turned a gross looking color, and did not taste very good.  Lesson learned!
  • The Grapevine Mills Mall!!  It is a circle mall, with no cut throughs!  So if you are on one side and what you need is on the other, you have to walk ALL the way around!
  • The fact that Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory was OUT of plain caramel apples, REALLY??  But they had every other flavor combo imaginable!  Not really awkward, but definitely not awesome!!
  • How much tv Marco and I watch!  Last night the DVR could not keep up!  The Middle, Better with You, Modern Family, Justified, Restaurant Impossible, and Top Chef, that was just Wednesday night's line up.
  • Not feeding Brayden fast enough at a restaurant and having him get so frustrated and screaming (several times)!!  It was only awkward because people started staring.

  • How much Brayden loves to eat!!  He will soon be a super chunky monkey!
  • Marco winning Ranger's tickets to Opening Day at The Ballpark in the Tyson Suite from Carinos!!!!!  I am STOKED!!
  • Finding the biggest Burlington Coat Factory ever in Grapevine Mills Mall!! 
  • Finding an amazing deal on a new car seat for Brayden at the biggest Burlington ever!
  • Getting the girls haircuts!
  • Talking to 2 of my besties this week!  I am so ready for a girls night!
  • Setting up a garage sell for this weekend, I am so ready to get rid of some clutter!!

What were your awkward and awesome moments for the week??

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Shellsea said...

Hiya, visiting from Sydney's thread.

I've been to a mall like that, it is so frustrating.

Your blog is super cute... and now I follow.

Love, Shellsea - Giveaway Today :)

Rachel said...

Brayden is so cute - I would totally babysit ;) I was just telling someone else I love reading the A&A's from moms, so cute.

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