Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love and Loathe

Instead of doing my usual Awkward and Awesome this week, I am changing it up for the A to Z Challenge.  We are on letter L, so for this week only I will feature what I am loving and loathing at this moment.

  • Maddi's asthma!!  I hate that my baby has a horrid cough and has to do breathing treatments all the time.
  • Slow walking people in parking lots.  Not only are they slow, they always walk in the middle of the row.  Honk!  Honk!  I am either trying to park or trying to leave, get out of the way!!
  • Laundry!!  Not so much the washing of the clothes, but the sorting to wash and the putting away!!
  • Dog hair!  It sticks to everything, especially the baby!
  • People that eat at a restaurant, but are in a super big hurry!  Really? McDonald's has a drive thru!
  • The amount of money is costs to go to the movie.  There are so many cute movies out right now, but spending over $40 is just not happening.
  • My new shower curtain from Ross.  $6 for the curtain and the hooks!
  •  Finding the cutest stuff at Garden Ridge for outdoor play!  Just wish we could get it, maybe one day.
Super cute plastic log cabin
This would fit all 3 of the kids, super perfect!!
  • My new blog look!  Alicia from Murry Mayhem did a great job didn't she??  She can do yours too!  Show her some love!
  • Working out in the yard with my hubby!  Granted he did most of the work while I just "supervised."
  • Yeah 3X by Chris Brown!  That songs makes me want to jump up and get my dance on. *Hold your glasses up, people everywhere.  Now everybody put your hands in the air.  Say YEAH YEAH YEAH*  Oh man, I am dancing in my chair!!
My love list could go on and on, so maybe I will have to do this more often :)

What are you loving and loathing this week?? 


Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Loathing: Gas prices!
Loving:That I can wake up everyday and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.
I am now following you. I found you from anothers blog.
Peace...Naila Moon

A Hootie Hoot said...

I concur with everything on your Loathe list! I also loathe people that can't seem to get their shopping carts back into the cart corral in the parking lot. Grrrr!

By the way, I just awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award. Please go to to claim your award!

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