Thursday, May 12, 2011

Awkard and Awesome Thursday

Is it already Thursday?? Yup, it is.
Which means it is that much closer to the weekend!!
Which means we are that much closer to my FIRST jewelry party!!
Which is exciting because I am starting a new business adventure!!
I am becoming a jewelry representative for Park Lane Jewelry!

  • The down pour that started minutes before walking out the door with the two little ones to go pick up Maddi from school!  Nice one Mother Nature!
  • Sitting in the pick up lane to get Maddi in the middle of a lightning storm!
  • Ella telling me to turn down the radio so the lightning couldn't find us.  Cute?  Yes.  Were we scared?  Most definitely!
  • Working out to my Ipod app, Nike Training Club for 10 minutes and feeling like I was going to DIE!!  Yes, I am that outta shape!!
  • Watching a swirling wall cloud pass over my house and see all the little baby clouds being sucked up into the momma cloud!  Scary business!  Not to mention the crazy wind that followed the wall cloud!  I can say I have never experienced anything like that.  Should I have been standing outside, no probably not, but I couldn't help in stand in awe!
  • How long that last bullet point was!
  • Actually working out yesterday, I felt amazing!
  • My hubby coming home yesterday and cooking a wonderful and very healthy meal for us after a very long day at work because I had no clue what to make!  He is wonderful!
  • Talking to a bestie yesterday and her experiencing the same exact thing with the swirling wall cloud as I did!!  What are the odds?
  • Starting my own business!  I am scared but so excited!  If you would like to order some Park Lane Jewelry, please let me know!!
  • Being totally conscious of what I am eating!  Some days are better than others, but I am on the right track to better health!
What are your AWKWARD and AWESOME'S of the week??


Yvonne said...

Yeah for motivating each other! It's all about the small successes every day!

I had to dismiss 20 Kinder kids yesterday in that downpour! The amount of tears were ridiculous! Apparently all little kids are afraid of thunder, lightning, or the power going off!!

Rachel said...

Good for you on the jewelry selling and the working out! It gets easier and pretty soon you'll be addicted to it!

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