Thursday, June 30, 2011

Super sock fun

I don't know about where you live, but 100 degrees is a little too hot to make the kiddos go outside and play.  Which means they are inside, all day, mostly in front of the tv.  Today I decided to mix it up a little, and play some games.  I decided we needed to have some super sock fun!! 

What you need is simple.  Something soft for throwing, we used socks.  Someone to do the throwing, I used silly girls.  And something to aim at while throwing, we used a laundry hamper, a box, some hoops, and a decorative candle thing.  *Don't feel limited with this activity, you can use anything soft to throw and anything for your targets!* 
I spread our targets all over the living room, gave each of the girls 4 pairs of rolled socks, and let them throw away!

This was their first effort in our game, lots of socks ended up on the floor.  They did get better as they figured out how hard to throw the socks and where to aim, and they did start making them in the targets.  *I did adjust the targets a few times to make the game easier, because I wanted this to be fun and did not want anyone getting discouraged.* 

They laughed all morning, and when they got bored from this game, we mixed it up and made up a new game.

It was a very fun morning, and it got our booty's off the couch for a little while!

What games do your kiddos like to play when it is too hot (or cold) to go out??
I would love to mix it up some with the girls!!


Claire Cooper said...

that game would go well in my house - might make a softer missile than nerf gun darts

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