Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting!

I have recently been added to the Pinterest Addicts club!!  I am in love with it!  There are so many boards and pins to look at, that I could really stare at my computer for hours! 

If you have no idea what Pinterest is, then send me your email address, and I can send you an invite, but beware, it is so addicting!!

I am joining in with The Vintage Apple to express my love for pinterest in this weeks edition of Oh, How Pinteresting!


I need one of these with my kids hands, I just need to figure out how to make the heart.

I will make this for the guest bath one day.
It is on my neverending list of crafts to make!

Oh my!!!  So true!!!

I need this as a reminder when I feel like I can be so much more!
It is not too late!!!

This is so sweet and so true!

Enough said!!


Do you Pinterest??


Yvonne said...

haha!! You're one of "Us" now! I hoped when I sent you the invite that you would get sucked in... looks like you finally caved! I LOVE Pinterest for DIY and home ideas... :):)

Amanda said...

Awesome pins, Tiffani!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love it, especially the "I Love You" message.

Found you on the Terrific Thursday Blog Hop.
CJ xx

Mindy said...

pinterest and me are best friends!
idea for making the hearts: make the hearts by masking: make a heart using thin-ish paper or even a post-it note since it has stick already on it, stick to the surface you want the hand prints on, have the kids print their hands over the top of the heart, pull up heart when dry
by the way, haven't seen your layout update until now, and i LOVE it! (love to see your button make the change also- just an idea)

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