Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just a bunch of sickies!!

So our house came down with a MASSIVE outbreak of sickness this past weekend!!  I think we need to be quarantined!

Here is the time line of events:
  • I sent the little girl home on Friday that I babysit with a sore throat and snotty nose. 
  • Friday night my throat started hurting and Maddi has been complaining for several days that her throat hurt. 
  • Yesterday was absolute torture!!  My throat was on fire, Maddi's asthma was out of control, her throat was on fire, and her eyes were totally bloodshot, Brayden was fussy and whiny, and Ella started complaining last night of a sore throat.  I really thought yesterday would never end. 
  • We got the kids in bed, and I went to bed exhausted at 11.  Only to be woken up by my hubby that Ella was crying because her throat hurt so bad and Maddi's cough was crazy.  We had to do a breathing treatment at 2:30, give medicines and throat sprays, and comfort our babies.  We crawled back in bed around 3:30.  It was a LONG hour!!
Today has been a little better.  My sore throat is almost gone, Ella's sore throat is gone (I really think she just wanted some sympathy/attention last night), Brayden woke up in a much better mood, Maddi's eyes are slowly going back to white, but her asthma cough is still bad and her throat still hurts. 

I have already stripped the beds and washed the sheets, pillow cases, and blankets, and Brayden is napping.  I still have a lot to do today to disinfect the house, and I pray that it kills whatever is lingering in my home before it gets to Brayden or my hubby!!!


Ciao Mama's said...

OMG sounds like the same darn thing that hit our home this past weekend. We are a little better today. Hope you guys are feeling better hang in there!

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