Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nasty Germs, Bleach, and the VMA's

Sorry I wasn't around at all yesterday, I did some major cleaning to my little house.  We have had lots of snotty noses and sore throats around here, so before it got any worse, I decided to kill all the nasty germs that had been lurking around.
I started with some bleach water and scrubbed just about every surface of my home from top to bottom.  I also stripped all the sheets off the beds and washed them on hot {which I never do, I am a cold water user!}, and then I sprayed what couldn't be washed with OdoBan, including stuffed animals, pillows, mattresses, couches, etc.!!
My house smelled like bleach for hours, and I was exhausted, but at least my house is clean {for now}, and hopefully my kiddos will start feeling better!

Ella and I watched the VMA's this morning and I just have to say that my child cracks me up!  She is so opinionated.  She loved the Chris Brown performance {mainly him flying through the air}, she loves Beyonce, but did not like her song choice {she wanted to hear "Who Run's the World, Girls}, and she was really sad that Justin Bieber did not sing any songs.  I loved the Adele performance, I hated Lady Gaga's boy getup, and what the hell was Nicki Minaj wearing????  Did you watch the VMA's??  What did you think?

I am so excited that today is September 1st!  I am hoping that cooler temps for Texas are on their way {we need some relief!!}, and I am so ready to decorate for fall!!  Bring on the orange, yellow, and brown colors!!  I have really wanted to do something crafty lately, maybe I will make something fall inspired.  Who knows??

I leave you with my new favorite photo of my baby and me, just because I love it so!!!

Happy September 1st!!  I hope everyone has a great day!!


Rachel said...

Wow it sounds like you've got one clean house now!! Good for you. I couldn't agree more - bring on the cooler temps!!

Maureen said...

Love your blog! Found you on Lone Star Ladies! TX represent! :)

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