Saturday, September 10, 2011

Outdoors and Baking

Hello everyone!!  I hope you are enjoying the weekend so far!  With the dip in temps, we finally decided to get out of the house this morning!  It was fun and I am ready for more time spent outside! 

This was really the first time Brayden has been outdoors and been able to run around, and I must say, he loved it!!  We took his McQueen car with us and he pushed, pulled, and roamed for a few hours up and down the street.  We started on the sidewalk but ended up in the street and he absolutely loved the freedom. *We live on a culd-a-sac with no through traffic and I was by his side the whole time, just so there is no judgement passed on playing in the street*  He tried to keep up with the big sisters, but on their bikes, they are so much faster than he is! 

Being outside running around wore him out pretty good, so he is napping away right now.  I am hoping he will wake up feeling better, since he has been fussy and snotty for a few days now.  Poor baby, no!  Poor Momma, yes!  He has been so clingy, that I cannot even put him down.  I carried him around the grocery store (yes, carried!!), I carry him around the house, I hold him while I am pottying (yes, this has happened), I carry him to make his bottle, and sometimes I am mean momma and he just follows me around snotty nose draining and tears flowing because I refuse to pick him up!

The kids have been loving my baking obsession lately since they are the receivers of all my goodies.  I have recently discovered a love for all things sweet and that go in an oven.  I have made banana bread, peanut butter cookies, and most recently chocolate chip cookies!  I am loving it so much, that I have been thinking about a way to sell them.  Yes sell!  That would give me a great reason to bake, but I wouldn't have to enjoy them since I would send the treats away!!  I have a problem with being wasteful with something that I make, so I tend to eat (and eat and eat) all of my treats until my stomach hurts!

You tell me how I could say no to these delicious treats!!

I guess that is enough rambling!  I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  I know we will!  We got free tickets to see the Rangers play (thank you Carino's), so we are taking a family trip to the Ballpark tomorrow!!  I am so excited!  And I know the girls are so excited to see the Rangers play in "real life" as they say!!


mmbear said...

MMM, I wish I was your neighbor right about now! I love chocolate chip cookies and I know those other are peanut butter and really love banana bread! I don't know how this happened but I was already following thru GFC but today noticed I was not on FB or RSS Reader so today I did those two. Not sure if you followed me only on GFC on the last blog hop also but would appreciate it if you could check and if not, I would love a follow back on all three when you get a chance. Thanks so much for your help and have a super weekend with all those goodies!


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