Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have to say that stress is starting to weigh me down!  I desperately need a job, I started back to college with online classes, and the holidays are quickly approaching.

I really need a job since I quit working at Carinos.  An overnight parttime job would be perfect so I wouldn't have to send my kids to daycare and have an extra expense.  A weekend job would be great if it is close to my best friend that said she would watch my kids for me on the weekends.  I just know that the weight of me not having a job is starting to add up, and I just wish I could find something.  I have done so many online applications, and I have not gotten any responses!!!  Which makes me even more upset, because it seems that I am not qualified for any work.  I just need something to help me contribute to my family's expenses.

I started back to college this semester with Strayer University.  They are an amazing college specifically designed for adults working or not to try to further their careers by going to college.  They only have evening classes and online classes, and their semesters are broken up into 4 mini semesters as opposed to two big semesters.  I have just started my first week, and I am already overwhelmed.  It has been 9+ years since I have been to college and I am worried that I will not know how to find the time to study and do all of the online work that is required.  **Yes I know I could be studying right now instead of blogging, but I need this time to vent so please don't judge, plus I watched a lecture and posted to discussion questions already today**

The holidays stress me out the most.  It is one after another and each one costs more than the previous!  Starting with Halloween and the cost of costumes and decorations, then the cost of food at Thanksgiving, and then the cost of gifts at Christmas.  I am trying to save where I can, and figure out ways to earn extra money (see #1 of my stresses), so hopefully we can be prepared for the fall/winter holidays.

Thank you for letting me vent!! 


MY Creative Brightside said...

Hey there you won my giveaway a few days backs hopefully that will cheer u up a bit i will just use your button you have on your sidebar so you dont have to stress and make a new one :)

Rachel said...

Sorry for all the stress, that's a bummer :( You could do DIY Halloween costumes or shop for Halloween costumes at thrift stores perhaps? I've always said I would love to work at Ann Taylor Loft, Target or starbucks if I needed extra part time work.. in case you haven't tried those!

Lone Star Ladies said...

Your blog of the month for October! Congrats Tiffani!

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