Thursday, November 3, 2011

Did you over indulge on candy??

Sorry for the long time inbetween postings, last week was very stressful!!  My computer decided it wanted to be on the fritz again, and I had some major school work due!!  Every time I got on the computer, I was trying to log in and just get some homework done!  But my wonderful brother came over yesterday, and fixed it again, so hopefully it will continue to work! 

How was everyone's Halloween??  We had a great one!!  We dressed as a family of pirates (well I put on a piratey hat), and went to a church carnival and then trick-or treating!!  The kids had a blast, and Brayden did so well for most of the night walking/running around!!  And he only tried to go into a couple of houses :)  Here is our family photo that I took from the trunk of our car, using the camera timer!  Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

We found a great little neighborhood here in Lewisville that gave out some awesome full candy bars (thank you to the nice man for putting in extra for me and the hubby) and some houses that had baby friendly treats like teddy grahams and cheese balls (Brayden's new favorite snack by the way). 

I hope you all had a great night, and ended it with a fully belly of candy! 

Did you over induldge at all???  I didn't over indulge until yesterday, which is crazy since I signed up for a Biggest Loser contest yesterday too!!  LOL  What was I thinking??

I guess I was thinking I still have some weight to lose for my 30 before 30, since my birthday is less than 2 months away.  There are a few things on my list that I know I will not be able to do before I turn 30, which makes me sad, but I am hoping to get everything done in the year that I am 30!!

This time of year gets so busy for us, but this year we have some added pressure (that is a whole other post for another day).  I am excited for the changes that will happen in the upcoming months, that will hopefully make 2012 a much better year than 2011!!!!  

Talk to you soon!!!


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