Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am back...finally!

HALLELUJAH!!!!  We have internet again!  Thank you so much for hanging in with me, and please bear with me as I try to get back into a normal blogging routine!

We are finally completely moved, but not even close to being unpacked.  It was a rough move, the worst move actually, but we are slowly settling in. 

We had no help packing (normally my mom comes and helps and she just couldn't this time) and no help loading, and very little help unloading the first day (thank God for my dad and one of our oldest friends).  And yes I did say first day.  It took multiple trips (3 to be exact!!) to get everything packed up and loaded and moved to the new house!  We have a crazy amount of stuff!!! 

Since we were majorly downsizing, it was a great time to go through our stuff and figure out what was no longer needed.  Since we had a full truck and no time to donate our unwanted items, a good deal of stuff was left on the curb.  I really hope some of our neighbors scoured through our pile and found some things to take home, because I will feel really horrible if what we left on the curb was completely contributed to the landfill.  We also left a load of 3 boxes we were going to put into a garage sell, but we had no room in the truck for that either, so it was just left in the house.

To make things even worse, there was still work that had to be done in my mom's house, so we moved into a house that wasn't even fully functional.  The worst part had to be not being able to shower.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good bath, but I don't enjoy getting myself clean in only a bath!!  Thankfully, my dad lives close and had us over for dinner and showers one night while we waited on our showers to be fixed!!

This has been quite a stressful adventure that I do not want to ever go through again! 

We are starting to settle in and unpack boxes slowly, which I cannot stand but it has been out of my control.  I am a person that likes to be completely unpacked and pictures and stuff on the walls within a few days of moving, and this has been completely opposite.

But the great news is, we have internet again, and I can get back to blogging more :)


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