Monday, January 30, 2012

New Layout

What do you think of my new layout?

I weeded out some of the clutter on the sides, does it look better??

I also updated one of my pages, 30 While I am 30.
Please check it out!

I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to updating this old blog of mine, so all I really can use is use free templates, but I really love this template though, because I am SO glad that
"You Picked Me"!!

I hope you love to read my blog as much as I love to update it, when I can.

I am also very excited because I signed up again for the A to Z challenge today!!  I am number 104!!  For more information on the April challenge, check out Arlee over at Tossing it Out!!

Thank you so much for being here!!


The Wallace Family said...

I think it looks great! I love your header and the colors you chose to use are some of my favs right now! Great job:)

The Cotton Thistle said...

Love the new layout! :)

Pearson Report said...

Hi Tiffani - Thanks for mentioning the A to Z Challenge in this post - glad to see you are entering again! Good luck!

Also...I hope you are enjoying your new layout! It's very easy to read and navigate around!

Jenny @ Pearson Report
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
Twitter: @AprilA2Z

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