Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thoughts for the Day

  • My kids are driving me crazy this morning!  I just want to scream!!
  • I am so excited to watch Horrible Bosses with the hubby tonight!  I Redboxed it!
  • I just made Redbox a verb, LOL!
  • I made doughnuts yesterday using canned biscuits.  Ella, my 5 year old, said they were good but the ones from the store are so much better!  Too funny!!  I love her honesty, but the homemade doughnuts are about 90% cheaper!
  • Thanks to Pinterest, I have learned I have more of a romantic style, I just wish my husband shared my same style.
  • Maddison brought home her report card, and she got all high A's!!  I am so proud of her and I hope she continues to love school as much as she does now!
  • Ella is loving soccer and asks every day if she has practice.
  • Brayden is talking up a storm, and learning new words almost everyday. 
  • I think I am going to give in to my hubby today and get Brayden a haircut.  His hair is outta control long!!
  • I am really disappointed in the Buttered Pecan creamer I bought.  I wanted it to be a pecan praline in my coffee and it wasn't.  Boo to my false hope.
  • I really want to eat healthier, but junk food (especially chocolate) has a death grip on me.
That is all my thoughts for the day.  What are your thoughts?


Rachel said...

Hi, Tiffani! This is my first visit to your blog. Cute format! It's a great way to account for having thoughts. Usually mine just leave me as quickly as they come to me! hahaha! Ditto on the kids driving me's been a rough day. Too bad on the coffee creamer, I generally am disappointed with flavored creamers and just go with half and half. (Though buttered pecan sounds tempting) Looking forward to following your thoughts. :)

MiChelle said...

Hi Tiffani :) Sounds like you are having a blessed day! I have two kids, but they are a bit older. So the thought of little ones running around puts a smile on my face:) You mentioning the haircut Brayden needs reminds me I need to take my 13 year old to get his haircut. :) Enjoy your Sunday!

Tonya said...

Hi Tiffani. I am visiting from blog hop! I hope that you like Horrible Bosses. I found it hilarious!! The hubs and I laughed through the entire movie. Enjoy!

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