Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exercise and Easter

Today embarks my journey back to a healthy lifestyle.  It seems like I stay on a major roller coaster with my choices that I make.  One day I am doing great by working out, eating right and setting a good example for my kids, and then I take a tumble downward.  It is not a straight drop, like the initial start to a roller coaster, it is more like a slow twisty and turny road back down.  It starts with the craving for something sweet and giving in.  Then life gets busy and it is easier to order pizza than to cook.  Then you find yourself sitting on the couch fast food in hand night after night, with the cookie dough ice cream already in the freezer.  Once you start the downward spiral, it is so hard to climb back to the top.

I did so good last year, getting on track and cutting my weight down and feeling so great about myself.  All that weight has slowly crept back on.  My husband has been feeling it too, so he went and signed us up for a gym membership.  The way to start feeling better for me, is to start with exercise.  When I exercise, I tend to fend off the cravings a lot easier.  I don't want to bust my butt working out and then ruin it by eating like crap.  I am excited about getting back in the gym, and a plus to this gym is they have a tanning bed!!  Wahoo!  I will be getting my GTL on :)  (That is Jersey Shore lingo for gym, tan, laundry)

I started working out today.  I was ready to get in the gym, but so sad to find out that there was no kids club today.  Did I let it stop me?  Heck no!  I went to a park and pushed my 2 kids in the stroller for 2 miles and then let them play at the park.  It felt great to get out of the house and be active!  I am so ready for the change that is coming, starting with exercise!

Easter is right around the corner.  We don't do anything special, except try to get together with family and the kids Easter baskets.  I think I want to try to make some cookies that have some correlation to what Jesus went through when he died on the cross and the reasoning behind it.  I had a friend post the recipe to Facebook, so we will see if I can find time.  Maddi is off for Good Friday tomorrow, so that might be the best day to do it :)

Thank you all for continuing to read my thoughts!!
This is day 5 and letter E for the A to Z challenge.
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Elizabeth Towns said...

My family has been on track with our healthy lifestyle plan too. I have gained weight in the last 10 months because of a health issue and a less active lifestyle than ever before. In the past 3 months we've been doing better, but it just seems hard to get that regular flow going again. Good luck to your family with that. We can both achieve what we want, I know it~! I posted on Easter as well for the A2Z Challenge. Great post.

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