Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughts for the *Week*

I know I have been MIA since the A to Z challenge and I do apologize about that.  I just really haven't felt much like blogging lately.  There has been a lot going on and I just haven't sat down to write it all out.  Well, I am here now, so here it goes.  My thoughts for the week :)
  1. Ella had an amazing first soccer season!  She became aggressive and scored several goals, and her team was awesome.  They ended the season 8-1-1!!  Not bad for a first season ;)  The Lady Firebirds also ended the season on a very high note, beating the tar out of the team the gave them their only loss.  It was a great sense of accomplishment and the girls were so very proud of themselves!!  We are ready for fall season all ready or maybe some indoor games over the summer.  Living in Texas means no outdoor games till at least September (don't want the girls to melt).  I am so very proud of Ella and her little team!!
  2. Maddi has decided she wants to play basketball.  She has been dribbling anything that will bounce, so we finally brought a basketball from my mom's house over here for her to use.  I told her if she is serious about playing, she is going to need to practice.  Basketball is a lot more involved than soccer for her age (7) and her skills will be behind the other kids that have been playing for years.  But if she really wants to play, I will support her fully and be her biggest fan!
  3. Brayden is a speed demon on a little tricycle, but he doesn't pedal, it is the cutest thing!  He is also saying a lot more words and I know pretty soon he will be full on talking, which I am so not ready for.  He is "potty training."  I put that in quotes because I am not pushing it at all.  He has a little potty and underwear but most of the time he is in a diaper.  I will ask him if he wants to potty and if he says yes, we go and if he says no, we don't.  I know he is very young, so I am not overly doing it but I am planting the seed.
  4. The Voice was amazing again this season!  We watched every episode and were fully sucked into the finale!  Let me just take a moment to say that Justin Bieber's performance on the finale was way worse than I thought it was going to be.  Not sure what happened, but it was not good!!  I am a big Tony Lucca fan but in the end I was pulling for Juliett Simms.  She was a powerhouse, and maybe I was just a little partial to Tony since his coach is the amazing Adam Levine.  I am very happy for the winner, Jermaine Paul, and I wish him nothing but success.
  5. My girls are counting down the days till America's Got Talent premier.  For Maddi, she knows it means the end of school is near, and for all of us, it is something we throughly enjoy as a family.  I am not sure how Howard Stern is going to be, and I am sure I will miss all the X's given out by Piers.  It starts May 14th, and the Vasquez clan is so ready!
  6. Real Housewives of New Jersey has not disappointed yet!  Teresa gets crazier every episode which makes everyone else around her seem more normal.  I believe she is trying so hard to make everyone else around her miserable to make herself feel better.  I have so much more to say, but I will save the RHONJ drama for its own post! 
  7. On the subject of RHONJ, I love Melissa Gorga's new single "How Many Times."  If you have not heard it, you need to!  It is a great love ballad that shows a wife's love for her husband.  My favorite line is "Now I know dreams come true, every night I pray for you."  Wow, go listen now!
  8. I have been keeping up with working out and trying to eat better.  Working out has become the easy part.  I love going to the gym and having some me time while the kids play in the childcare center.  The only downfall is the childcare hours are not the greatest!  But I am going and that is all that matters.  Today, since the childcare was closed, I went to a local park and walked on the trail for 40 minutes, then let Brayden play.  While he was playing, I used the playground as a gym.  I did some arm, leg, and ab stuff.  Definitely not the gym, but it worked!  Now if I could just better with my eating, I will be dropping pounds like crazy. 
There you have it, my random thoughts :)  I hope you'll stick around and see what I have to say next!  Please feel free to leave comments, I absolutely love them!!!


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