Thursday, October 4, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

I used to write Awkward and Awesome posts all the time way back I thought I would try it again today.

  • feeling under dressed to pick the girls up from school.  It is like keeping up with the Jones' and my outdated closet barely allows me to keep up!
  • having the cutest olive green skirt to wear but NO tops to wear it with!
  • the Rangers!  Seriously!  What is up with them?  Not sure if we are even going to make it to the playoffs!!
  • Brayden's lack of sleeping all night in his own bed. 2:30-3 am seems to be a great time for him to wake up screaming, resulting in me going to get him, resulting in no more sleep for the hubby and I!
  • not hearing back about a job that I thought I was perfect for!  Really??  I am amazing at hanging out with children all day, call me back!!

  • Brayden being potty trained {mostly}.  We are 100% undies during the day and a diaper at night!!
  • Tailgating with friends again this weekend, even though it is supposed to be super cold! 
  • Already making plans to go to a pumpkin patch with friends here in Lubbock!  I feel so special they want us tagging along!  Plus it is on Ella's bday, so hopefully she will feel special!
  • Getting 101 free prints from Shutterfly and finally updating our picture frames!
  • Decorating for fall and Halloween!
  • Finding a new favorite blog {Where we can live like Jack and Sally}, and linking up a Vlog tomorrow with Holly!!  Eek!  I am a little scared but excited!
  • Getting our first visitors this weekend!!  One of my best mom friends and her family from Sherman is driving in to see us {well mainly her brother since he lives here and all}, but we will get to see her and hang out a little!  I am so excited!!!!!
What are your Awkward and Awesome moments from the past week??

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for my Vlog!


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