Friday, December 7, 2012

Random Thoughts Friday

Hello again!

I am proud to say, Pepe, our elf, has made his return. Apparently he was helping Santa with the reindeer and making sure all the other elves made it to their families. Who knew he was a head hancho in charge? Santa even helped him bring donuts for the kids the night Pepe made his return. The kids were so happy.

I have started my Christmas shopping but mainly for brayden. I am not sure what to get the girls yet but so far Brayden has tons. So much in fact that I can't wrap any because I feel bad that I don't have as many for the girls. I knowi will get ideas and the presents will come so far now we have an empty bottom of the tree.

I am so very excited for tomorrow night. We are going to our first Christmas party here in Lubbock. We will be in one house and 11 of our kids will be next door with 2 babysitters. They are going to be crafting, decorating cookies, and having a great time. I know the girls are so excited!

Marco is in the process of decorating the front of the house. He is putting lights up and even decorated the gigantic fountain with lights. There is a possibility of snow this weekend and I could not be more excited. Snow will definitely help it feel more like Christmas time, I am so over 80 degree temps.

Work is going good! I love the girls I work with. We are all really getting along great and I hope to make some good friends out of the deal. One of my favorite girl's birthday is the day before mine, I knew there was a reason I loved her so much. Happy early birthday Natalie!! I am sad that another one of my favorites, April, is leaving me next week to move home. I am going to miss her terribly but with Facebook we can at least stay connected.

I think I have done enough rambling.

Till next time ❤


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