Monday, January 14, 2013

Catching up {again}

Hello!! My gosh it has been such a LONG time!!! I have missed my birthday, Christmas, and the New Year!!

My birthday was great! I wasn't expecting anything and was majorly surprised by my hubby. My girl friends took me to get a pedicure and it was amazing!! Then my hubby had a surprise lunch planned with all our friends. It was very nice!!

Christmas was great! It snowed, so we woke up to a very white christmas. The only bad thing, it was so cold and the snow was pure powder that we didn't get to make a snowman. We stayed home all day and hung out just the 5 of us! As much as we missed family being there and most of us being sick, we had a great day.

New Years was so much fun! We had se friends and their kids over to ring in the new year.

Since New Years, not much has happened. Work has been crazy, the weeks are dragging on, and I am sick (still (this is like week 5 with this head cold crap)).

I have missed you guys!

So excited for the blogger app and being able to post easier now and with pictures.

Talk to you soon!!


Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

Yay you're posting again :))

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