Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gone are the baby blues

What a difference two weeks has made in my life!
I am feeling like my old self again.
I am feeling more energetic.
I am feeling calmer.
I am feeling more patient.
I am feeling so much happier.
I am loving on my children much more.
They are so much happier.
I know in the past few months, maybe more, my children have suffered from my feeling down.  They didn't get as many hugs or cuddles as they wanted.  I pushed them away, especially my older girls.  I was down and I didn't want them around.  I was sad Brayden wasn't going to be my baby anymore instead of being happy that I was going to have a new baby.  I was down on life, and my kids suffered.
I know that.
I am not proud of that.
Now is my time to change it, now is my time to love being a mom again.
We laugh more, we hug more, we cuddle more, we love more.
I am not saying pills will work for everyone or that taking something is the way to go for everyone, but taking an anti-depressant has changed my life.  It is helping me so much more than I ever thought I needed.  I can feel it and I know my kids can feel it.  Our house has changed for the better.
I only wish I would have spoken up sooner.  I tried not to talk about my feelings, and when I did, what I was feeling, I felt, got pushed aside.
For now though, I am happy.  Which feels amazing!


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