Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ella's 7th Birthday Party

This is a serious better late than never post!!  Not only am I a terrible blogger, I am also a terrible mom!  I just looked through my list of posts and realized I never posted on Ella's 7th birthday!  It's still October right?  Jeez I am awful!

She is very close to being a Halloween baby, and I was very excited this year when she decided to do a Halloween themed party.  I started pinning lots of ideas and tried to figure out how to make it fun.

Some of my favorite things were the sweet treats that I made.
I attempted to make mummy dogs.
They were cute and the kids loved them, but mine looked nothing like the pinterest pin.
 I loved that I could decorate for Halloween and leave it up as décor for Ella's party.

I bought packages of pumpkins, witches hats, and ghosts for the kids to decorate with foam stickers.  I am pretty sure I won't do that again.  It left a lot of mess from all the little stickers.
It was a very nice day, so the kids played out in the back for a very long time.  I was worried since the kids were in their Halloween costumes, but luckily only a few accessories were misplaced, and they were found and returned before trick or treating.
Of course Ella wanted to play the Mummy Wrap game, which is just wrapping each other in toilet paper.  This game has been a hit with my girls for a few years and they ask for it at every party.  The party guests always seem to enjoy it as well.  It gets lots of laughs, makes a HUGE mess, and since I use dollar store toilet paper, I don't feel bad when it ALL goes in the trash.
I made some easy cupcakes for her party.  I wish I knew how to make an awesome looking cake, but it is just not in my repertoire.  Even though they were not amazing cupcakes, they served their purpose.
Of course, there were presents opened and gift bags given on the way out, but more importantly there were lots of laughs heard that day.
I love my Ella, and I know she had a blast.  Hopefully next year I will get her birthday post up on time.


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