Thursday, January 23, 2014

Naptime = Playtime 1 Painting and Letter Recognition

Since most of my day is spent catering to baby Paisley, I am trying to make an effort to do things with just Brayden.  This time comes in the morning when Pais takes her nap.  I have been working with him on his letter recognition and writing and also fun things like painting, coloring, foam, and anything else fun we come up with.  I think he has really enjoyed the time that is spent just me and him.  I am going to do a series where I show you fun things Brayden and I are doing, how he likes it, where I found the idea, and how he is progressing.

The first thing Brayden wanted to do was paint a Christmas picture.  I used green washable paint and painted his hand 6 times and we made his handprints into a Christmas tree.  I put lines on the bottom of the tree and let him use brown paint to paint in the trunk of the tree.  Then I asked him if he wanted to add ornaments to the tree and of course he said yes, but he painted them around the tree.  Silly boy!  I let him paint how he wanted with out correcting him since it was his picture.

With Brayden being 3 1/2, I also want to work on his writing skills.  I wrote his name on a piece of paper with yellow marker, and had him trace over it.  The yellow is easy for him to see and easier to follow than hash marks.  After we tried his name, we worked on the letter A. 
I don't want to push Brayden to do more than he wants, so this was all we did on this day.  His attention span isn't very long, so we moved onto something more playful.  I do think he enjoyed his time with me.  I know I enjoyed being able to focus on just him.
I can't wait to show you more of what we do! 
Any suggestions are welcome!!



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