Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dollar Store Chalkboard Placemat

I love a cheap and easy craft!  That is exactly what this is!  This is a dollar tree craft, so this will only cost you $1 each for the placemats and then the cost of the chalkboard paint.

I started with one placemat to do a test, but I will be going back to get more and make one for all the kids to have at the table. 

This is a simple craft that I found here at  This website is dedicated to cute cheap crafts made from dollar store items!

Gather your materials, and start by painting your placemat.

It is best to use a sponge brush.  Completely cover your placemat painting in one direction (left to right or up and down).  Let the paint fully dry, then turn your placemat and paint in the opposite direction.  Let the paint fully dry.

As the website suggests, after the paint is dry, fully chalk the placemat then wipe with a dry cloth.  This will help with wiping off the chalk once the kids are ready to use it.

That's it!  You are ready to chalk on your placemat.  I used my placemat as decoration in my kitchen.  I am thinking of adding chalk paint and making it my weekly menu planner.  When I am ready to make more, I will make one for each child to have their own for table time fun!

What would you use your chalkboard place mat for? 


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