Monday, September 7, 2009

Maddison's 5th Birthday Party

Maddi had a great birthday weekend!
It started on Thursday, her actual birthday, when my mom and grandpa drove in to see her. My grandpa treated us to Cheddar's, which is one of Maddi's favorite restaurants (next to Carino's of course). We went back to the house and had cupcakes, decorated by Maddi and Ella. My mom took Ella back home with her, so it was just Maddi, Marco and me. Maddi loved it. We finally opened a present she got from last year! It is a create your own fairytale book with stickers, glitter, ribbon, the book and tons of other things needed to make your own fairytale story. It is awesome! It is just not something I want Ella messing with, since it is Maddi's and it has lots of little pieces to it. Maddi was so excited to finally start on her story!
Friday, Maddi got the gym to herself, since my kiddos did not show up for MDO again (they missed Monday also). So Maddi got the run of the gym, while I scrubbed the gym clean with Chelsea. We went and picked up the batman plates, napkins, and cups, headed to tell Marco bye, and we drove into Mesquite.
Maddi was so excited Saturday morning, since it was finally her birthday party!! We had a great turnout, and Maddi was excited to hang out with her friends. She loved her batman cake and her batman pinata (which was almost impossible to whack open). She got to run around and play, while Marco and I got to sit and socialize. I love park parties, and Marco loved this one, because he did not have to cook, Maddi wanted pizza. She said her party was awesome!!! That made my day! She got great gifts from everybody, so a BIG Thank You to everyone that came. You truly made Maddi's 5th birthday special! And she truly loves everyone of you!!! After the party, Ella fell asleep on the way home, and the rest of us took a nap when we got home :)
What better way to spend the day, than hanging out with some of the best of friends??


Larry and Krista said...

I think you had the better weekend!! Can't wait to see you and fill you in!!! She is so cute!!!

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