Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catching Up

I honestly forgot that I had a blog for a while, it has been way too long. I think the last time I posted was the beginning of January!! Wow, so many things have happened.

1st My stepdaughter, Savannah, moved in with us for the time being. Her mom had to move and needed a stable place for Savannah till she gets on her feet. So we will have her through the end of the school year, I am not sure if she plans to stay through summer or if she wants to leave the day school ends. That decision will totally be up to Savannah.

2ND We are expecting baby number 3!! I found out towards the end of January and my estimated due date is August 30Th. We are just wanting a healthy baby, but a boy would be an added plus!! The girls are excited and loved getting to hear the heartbeat and see the baby move at the sonogram. Gabriella wants a girl for some crazy reason, and Maddi wants a brother (I am with Maddi on this one). Now that I am through my first trimester, I am feeling better and have a little more energy. Tylenol PM has become my best friend so that I can actually get some sleep at night; it also helps that Gabriella has started staying in her bed all night.

3rd Maddi started playing soccer and she LOVES it. Her team is not that good, but that is because her coaches are not good. She is a very sensitive and can be a whiny child, but when she puts on her soccer gear, she is a different girl. She doesn't complain, she tries her hardest, and we are hoping eventually she will do the pushing around to get the ball. She truly transforms into a soccer girl when she plays. This past Saturday she came so close to making 3 goals, and I mean missing by inches, but she wasn't discouraged. She kept her head up and kept trying.

So as you can see our life has turned into some crazy madness, but I will try to get on and update more. Until next time.....


Kisha said...

Awwww soccer sounds fun! Yay Maddi! Can't wait until Noah is old enough :)

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