Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So much has changed in the past 2 weeks. I was miserable pregnant, and I was home with my two wonderful girls all day. Since then, Maddi has started school and we welcomed our new addition to the family, and Marco has gone back to work.

I was nervous about sending Maddison to school. Even though she is almost 6, I still had my reservations, not if she was ready, but if I was ready. I thought I was ready last year when I tried to send her and they wouldn't take her because her birthday was 3 days after the cut off date, but I honestly loved having one more year with her. She was so ready though. She was excited to school clothes and supply shop, she does great getting up in the morning, and she loves walking by herself to her classroom. She has made some friends, and I cannot wait till we can have them over on the weekends to play. She is loving school, her teacher, and everything they do during the day. I am so proud of how well she is doing.

Brayden has been a great baby. He is so easy going, sleeps through almost everything, and he loves his sisters. We have had a few issues, but hopefully they are on the mend. He developed jaundice and lost weight since he wasn't eating enough. The jaundice was tough, since we had to take him 3 times to get his blood drawn to measure his bilirubin levels. He did great though, and the nurses at Flower Mound ER were wonderful! His levels finally started dropping, and he is eating a lot better. Now we are only battling nursing issues, and hopefully with a little bit of patience and sticking with it, we can get past this too.

The changes so far have been great. Maddison is adjusting to school, both girls are adjusting to Brayden, I actually love having a newborn in the house (even though I was so nervous about it), and I love being a mom of 3. These changes have been great changes.


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