Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prince Charming's coming whether we are ready or not....

I went to the doctor yesterday and I am only dialated to a one. I was for sure I was farther along, but I guess my doctor knows better than me. I told her that I was worried since Ella gained so much weight at the very end, and came out at 9 lbs! She said she understood, that he doesn't seem overly big, infact he is right on target. But just to calm my fears, we went ahead and scheduled an induction for August 24th.

I really hope that he will decide to make an apperance sometime this week, so that I can go into natural labor for once. I was induced with Maddi and Ella but both for different reasons. Maddison was breech, but when we went in for a C-section, she had turned. So we scheduled an induction, so that she wouldn't turn back around. With Gabriella, I went in for a normal visit and had a sono and she was HUGE, so I was induced to avoid her getting stuck and having to have a emergency C-section. I know that being 39 weeks along next week, he will be fully developed enough to come out, I just want it to be on his time if possible.

Next week is Maddi's first week at school, and I would much rather be at home for her big kindergarten adventure. Her first day is Monday, so it would be great if we were already home with Brayden, instead of at the hospital.

I know everything will work out, no matter how or when Brayden comes. And he is definietly coming whether we are ready or not :)


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