Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laredo or bust....

I am so excited for Thanksgiving next week. We will be driving 8 hours (maybe more) to Laredo to see Marco's family for the holiday. I cannot wait! It has been so long since we have been down to see his family that it feels so overdue. The last time we were down there for a few days was for a funeral for his aunt. I love going to see his family, because they know how to have a good time together. They laugh, tell stories (half of which I don't understand since they are in Spanish), and just have a great time together. His family has always welcomed me into their home with loving arms. I had been dating Marco for only a few months when I first met them, and they treated me as one of their own. I am proud to have them as family!!
It costs us an arm and a leg to go see them after all the expenses add up, but I am trying hard not to focus on that. We are not having to pay for a hotel since we are staying with Marco's mom's boyfriend. That is one HUGE expense cut out. But I am not sure how weird it will be to stay in his master suite while he is in another room, can we say AWKWARD???
But we have added another huge expense, gas. We have acquired a gas guzzler in our Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Expedition, but I guess that will be the price we pay for comfort. I am actually really excited to road test the explorer since the farthest it has gone is Sherman and back. One hour so doesn't count as road tested. I know Maddi will LOVE sitting way back in the 3rd row. She has always loved being secluded on car trips, kinda like she is in her own little world. This trip will also be a first for her to have the responsibility to buckle and unbuckle herself since we just recently upgraded her from a 5 point harness car seat to a booster. I know she will do great! And in case you are wondering, yes I do still buckle her up most of the time ;)
Marco's mom is beyond excited for us to come. She wants us there early enough in the afternoon to pick her up from work on Tuesday, but with this being Brayden's first big trip, there is no telling when we will make it. This will be her first time really seeing Brayden, and I am so excited for her to have him for 3 whole days. I wouldn't blame her if she only gives him back to me when he is hungry, and that is it. She is entitled to have her Grandma time, and she needs to soak it up while she can.
We are ready to head down south!

Laredo or Bust....


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