Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful for Sleep

Today my thankful post is about my great cuddly monkey sleeper. Brayden is an amazing sleeper!! I know how blessed I am, because our first Miss Maddi was a horrible sleeper. She was also a colicky, sickly, barking cough crier. I love Maddi but man was she ever high maintenance. Sorry, off topic back to Brayden. With this being our third and final baby, I feel like we have totally been blessed with an amazing baby. He is very content sleeping curled up next to his mama, on the couch with the tv going and the girls playing all around him, in his car seat, just about anywhere we can put him. The one thing he doesn't like to do is be moved out of a loud room into a quiet one while he is sleeping. He more often than not will wake a few minutes after you move him, only to fall back asleep in your arms around the commotion. One thing I said I was not going to do was have Brayden in our bed, so there is a pack and play (PNP) specifically for him to sleep in at night. I do start him off in the PNP but when he wakes up for his feeding, he stays in bed with me. I can't help it, I love cuddling with my baby monkey. He is so content and sleeps so GREAT right next to me. It makes it easier on me, and easier on him. Well, easier on me now. I am sure I will regret this when he is 4 and still wants to sleep with us. For now, please enjoy my sleeping baby photos!!


BL said...

I loved this post! He is such a beautful baby boy, you and Marco are very blessed!

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