Thursday, January 20, 2011

A & A Thursday!!!

I love Sydney over at the The Daybook and she has me hooked on Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!  So let's take a look back at my week:

  • Sending my 6 year old to school with a runny nose, and her teacher telling her that if she didn't feel good, she doesn't have to go to school the next day.  What??  She only has a runny nose, no fever and no other symptoms!  You best believe her butt will be in school!
  • Going to a meeting at work with all 3 kids in tow, kinda makes you reevalute your life's plan since I work at Carinos where most of the staff has no kids and stares you down as you walk in the door
  • Waiting on a table at said job where the mom and the dad are clearly having an intervention with their daughter, who I might add is in tears and telling the how much she hates them.  SUPER AWKWARD, ummm I would just like to get your drink order.....
  • Finally getting to use my gift card (or instore credit for returning stuff, whatever you want to call it) to Kohl's from Christmas on some new shirts
  • Yummy Creamers!  This weeks winner is Chocolate Caramel, it makes my coffee SO good in the mornings
  • Buying new clothes for our Prince Charming in the clearance section at Target, seriously we got some AMAZING deals and some super cute clothes.  These are Marco's fav pj's that we bought for him:

Our little rocker, so cute right???
  • Having a crummy start to my morning and making it so much better by cuddling with my 2 youngest kiddos and watching movies in my bed :)


Rachel said...

I love those pj's! He is so cute! I am addicted to creamers too - current fave is caramal macchiato by international delight.. so good!

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