Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

There was NO way to do a X post linked up to my Awkward and Awesome so you can check out my X post for the A to Z challenge here.

  • Going to Whataburger last night after work, and dealing with a very disgruntled employee.  Apparentely the manager on duty was sitting in the office instead of helping out.  When the manager did appear, the employee let him have it, right infront of me and another customer.  AWKWARD?  I think so!
  • Brayden's whelp on his leg from getting shots on Tues.  It was hard and very red, but is starting to go away.
  • Brayden spiking a fever to 102.9 for 2 days in a row from getting shots.  Not awkward, but not awesome!!  I hate when my babies are sick.
  • Wondering what I am going to blog about when the A to Z challenge is over.  Only 2 more days, and then it is back to the regular programming.
  • Getting motion sickness at Legoland with Maddi's kinder class yesterday.  I was asked to ride Merlin's ride 3 times in a row so that a lot of the kids would get a turn, which in return did not make for a fun ride home for me.
  • Going to Legoland with Maddi's class.  She had a blast, and I am glad that we got to share that experience.  It is outrageously priced, so it is something we probably won't do as a family ($70 to get in for 2 adults and 2 kids)
  • Brayden's chompers!  His bottom two teeth finally broke through!
  • The hubby got a new grill with a smoker on the side!  I am so excited for a summer of grilled meat with friends!
  • Having my dad and stepmom over for Easter and my mom over to watch the younger kids for my Legoland adventure.  My kids LOVE their grandparents and I love when we get to spend time with them!
What are your Awkward and Awesome's for the week??


Yvonne said...

Your little man is growing so fast!! I am grabbing your button... you should go grab mine! ;) Thanks for the tip, photobucket really did most of the work for me!! :)

Yvonne said...

Ok, so your picture won't show up when I try and put your button in my sidebar. :( It gives me a little pixelated thingy. I will figure it out!!! ;)

Thomasina said...

I'm a little worried about posting when the challenge is over too. I've already started writing, so at least I have some stuff down. I also had the same problem with your blog button. I made mine in photobucket and it took forever, but it turned out great.

Susan Kane said...

Awkward? Me--twisted my ankle three weeks ago, and haven't the sense to stay off it. Awesome? Sitting outside with my granddaughters and listening to the spring birds singing.

Chelsea girl said...

Awkard--barely seeing the light of day for 3 days writing an essay. Awesome--ice cream with my bible study girls.

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