Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dr. Oz

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I am a huge Dr. Oz fan.  I love his new show, and all the helpful tidbits he gives. 

I especially loved his segment on mood boosting foods.  Did you know that folic acid found in asparagus helps combat sadness?  Or that vitamin C found in lemons helps combat stress?  What about selenium found in Brazil nuts to fight off anxiety?  Well, now you do.

My favorite segment in the last week was about Crankiness Cures.  I am very prone to afternoon crankiness, for me and my kiddos, so I was listening intently.  I cannot find a link to a video of it, but I did find the answers on the web here.  
 Which is better to cure your crankiness?
  • Which food: Chocolate or pears??  Chocolate
  • Which Smell:  Baby powder or tea tree oil??  Baby powder
  • Which vitamin: folic acid or vitamin e??  Folic acid
  • Which drink:  milk or prune juice??  milk
But the best cure for crankiness is.....exercise!!!

There are so many other helpful hints and tidbits that he gives out.  Make sure you check out his show.  Check out your local listings for show times and channels. 


Giggle, Laugh, Cry said...

And for anyone experiencing hot flashes, take Flax Seed Oil before bedtime daily. (I'm just sayin!)

Rachel said...

So interesting... I love the connection between what we eat and exercise and how we feel mentally - it's so fascinating isn't it! Those are great tips about the lemon and asparagus.. and now I wish I liked nuts more!

Keena said...

I watch Dr. Oz when I can. It can be very educational.

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