Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thoughts from Tiffani

I figured since my blog name is Thoughts from Tiffani, that today, in honor of the letter T, you would like to hear some of my random thoughts. 

Random Thought #1:  We are so lucky that Jesus died for our sins and rose again, please remember the true meaning of Easter!

Random Thought #2:  I am so excited to spend the whole day with my besties and their kids today. 

Random Thought #3:  My friends and I (plus our kids) are truly closer than any family I can think of!!  I am one lucky gal.

Random Thought #4:  I am truly (and seriously) thinking about selling Park Lane jewelry!!  How exciting and scary!!

Random Thought #5:  I love spray painting diaper boxes and using them for storage around the house!! 

Random Thought #6:  I hate how honest kids are.  Ella said, "Mommy your belly is fat!"  I said that is not nice, she said "I mean really big"  I guess it is time to work out and set an example!!

Random Thought #7:  I love how independent Maddi is, she just made her own breakfast!!

Random Thought #8:  I am sad at how fast Brayden is growing up.  Since he is my last, I am enjoying every little thing.

Random Thought#9:  I love Gabriella's fashion sense.  She has her own style, down to her shoes and accessories.  I am going to have to make a post just for her.

Random Thought #10:  I hate that I use so many "!!!", but I feel that it helps make my point if I truly am excited about something.

Random Thought #11:  I need to stop coming up with random thoughts and get in the shower while Brayden is sleeping!!

What are your random thoughts??

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Brandy J. said...

Random Thought #11 was my favorite. I've been sucked into the computer during naps many-a-time! Happy be-lated Easter. It sounds like you had a fabulous day surrounded by your favorite people.

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