Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So What Wednesday

Here's what I am saying SO WHAT to this week:
  • So what if I don't want to clean my girls' room, they made the mess not me
  • So what if I don't like putting the clean clothes away, at least they are clean
  • So what if I leave dirty dishes in the sink over night, they will eventually get done the next morning
  • So what I need a Girls' Nite Out ASAP, I just really need some time away from my kids
  • So what if eating better and working out is hard to do, I am doing it to turn this flab to FAB!
  • So what I just figured out that I can get facebook on my IPod, welcome to the technology age Tiffani!
  • So what if I played Angry Birds for the 1st time last night.
  • So what if the Mavs put a hurting on the Thunder!!  Go BIG D!!
Do you have any SO WHAT's this week?


Hil'Lesha said...

Hello there! =)

I'm following from the Blog Hop.

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Kelly L said...

So What I am not going to work this week and enjoy reading posts from bloggers and watch Netflix with my kids... and so what I'm NOT making my bed.. Hubby is out of town and he can't see. lol
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Thomasina said...

I'm loving your list girl! And there's nothing wrong with having a girl's night out, so enjoy it!

Casie said...

I'm trying to catch up on blogs...I love this post :) and your blog is sooo cute and stylish! :)

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