Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So What Wednesday

Wednesday is slowing becoming my favorite day because I can get things off my chest in my SO WHAT post!  I hope you enjoy my ranting and will add some of your own SO WHAT'S!

  • So what this is my 3rd post for the day :)
  • So what if the DFW storms scared the crap out of me last night!  I am a huge baby when it comes to tornadoes, and I am even more scared now that something could happen to one of my babies during a terrible storm.
  • So what if texting was a must last night.  I have family and friends all over the metroplex, and we all had to make sure we were all ok.
  • So what if I don't clean my girls' dirty room for them more than once a month.  I didn't make the mess why should I have to clean it on a daily basis?  I just get to go in and clean it out and throw stuff away!
  • So what if I am rooting on the Mavs!  They are up in the Western Conference Finals 3-1 vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder and I want them to go all the way!
That is all for today, linking up with Mrs. Dew!

What are your So What's??

Here are a few photos taken from the WFAA website from last nights storms:


Susan Kane said...

Tornadoes are such horrific creations of nature. I have never seen such destruction in my entire life. Keep safe.

Thomasina said...

So what that I'd rather read blogs instead of doing homework! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest lol.

Design It Chic said...

Wow so glad to hear you guys are ok after that tornado. It must have been scary especially when you worry for your kids' safety. Oh and btw, you have such an adorable family, you are really blessed! I just discovered your blog and I'm glad I did. I am now following you thanks to Wednesday Blog Hop, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
Also don't forget to tune in today, because we have some super sweet surprises for everyone and it will only get better from there, I promise! So don't miss it out. See you there!
Happy Thursday

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