Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Busy

I know I have missed a few of my favorite posts the past few days, but I have been very busy with the kids and didn't really feel like blogging.  I will fill you in on how my busy week went though, fair??

Thursday, I was up and ready to go bright and early with Maddison.  Her kinder class was taking their field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo and I was going along as a chaperone.  2 hours on a bus, 3+ hours at the zoo, 17 wild and crazy 6 year olds to keep up with=1 tired momma!!  We had a blast though!  We were able to see elephants, rhinos, bears (it was their first day on exhibit), penguins, giraffes, lots of different birds, and so much more!  The kids in Maddi's class were so well behaved for the most part, we didn't lose any kids at any time, and most of the kids napped on the bus ride back to the school.  All in all the day was a total success.

I was up early with all the kids on Friday for Maddi's field day!  The had 21 stations set up for the kids to move through and they had 8 minutes at each station.  It was a fast paced, fun and laughter filled morning.  The kids favorites were tug of war and the water stations.  Their giggles made me giggle.  Since I had to take both of the littles with me, I was pushing the stroller around the field filled with bottled water for each of the kids, Brayden's diaper bag, and Brayden of course, it was a little challenging at moments.  Ella wasn't allowed to do anything with the big kids so she was a little bored, but she was a trooper and did not complain once!  It was a long morning to say the least!  Maddi and all the kids in her class had a blast and spent the rest of the day watching movies.  I came home and Brayden and I both took long naps, and Ella relaxed watching cartoons. 

Saturday was spent being lazy in the morning, and hanging out with my dad in the afternoon.   It was my stepmom's birthday, so my dad and stepmom drove in and took us to lunch.  We had Saltgrass!  It is one of my all time favorite restaurants.  Their food is absolutely delicious!  After lunch, we all came back to the house for some cake decorating by the girls.  They have been waiting for weeks to decorate a cake for my stepmom!  She is a cake decorator herself and so it was a huge honor for Maddi and Ella to be able to decorate for her!  They used fondant, sprinkles, and frosting, and had a great time.  The rest of the afternoon was spent being very lazy just hanging out as a family and watching the Ranger's whoop some Kansas City tail!!

It has been a very busy few days, and I was so glad for a few days off just to rest, relax, and hang out!!  Sunday, we grilled chicken, jalapeno poppers, and corn on the cob and hung out as a family!  It was great!

Yesterday was memorial day and since Maddi was out of school, we went and bought a small pool for Brayden and a slip and slide for the girls!  They had a blast, well the girls did, not so much Brayden.  He cried the entire time!  It was a great day with the kids that ended in my hubby's arms watching Real Housewives of NJ!!

And with that you are all caught up :)  Pics to come tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!


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