Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Finally Thursday!!

  • Thinking yesterday was Thursday all day and then being disappointed when Grey's Anatomy wasn't on.
  • Realizing today that the Grey's finale was last week!!  I will be on later!
  • Maddi still has 7 days left in school while most schools are out today or got out last week!!  Stinkin bad weather days and stinkin Lewisville for not making them up somehow!!
  • Having a full dishwasher and no dishwasher liquid!  I compromised and used a little bit of Dawn, and watched as the bubbles poured out of my dishwasher!!
  • The freak out that happened yesterday because a massive cockroach landed on my hand when I let the dogs outside!!  (gives me the chills right now just thinking about it)  Of course my hubby wasn't home, so I was left to kill it on my own, GROSS!!!!

  • My girls' favorite show, America's Got Talent is back on!!  We LOVE it!  I am still sad that Jackie Evancho didn't win last year.  Don't know who she is??  Check her out here, it will give you chills (video from You Tube):

  • Working out, eating better, and feeling great!
  • My first Jewels by Park Lane party is this weekend!!
  • My kid free night in Austin for the Annual Carino's Softball Tourney!!  Sunday cannot get here soon enough!
  • How much Brayden loves to feed himself!  He is only 9 months, so it is sad that he is growing up so fast, but he was so cute last night tearing up some watermelon pieces.
  • Hearing Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name while taking Maddi to school; sure did make my morning!  For those that don't know, this is my ALL TIME favorite song, all time!!
What are your AWKWARD and AWESOME'S for the week??


Rachel said...

o.m.g I would FREAK out if there was a cockroach on me. I think they are worse than spiders. That sound their legs make when they run across the floor? yyuucckk!! I haven't seen one in the new place.. let's hope it stays that way! Exciting about the first jewelry party coming up!

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