Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

This has been the longest week ever, and it is only Thursday!!  I am so ready for it to be over, since my hubby has 2 days off!  Let's get right to it! 

  • Maddi having to go to school for 4 extra days because of the snow days that Lewisville did not make up.
  • Lewisville not doing a kinder graduation or any kind of formal awards ceremony.  This was not awkward, but I am super disappointed!
  • Watching tv for hours and hours and hours because it is too darn hot to do anything else!
  • Feeling very BLAH and unaccomplished watching so much tv.
  • Not really knowing how to get my Park Lane business going.  I have never done direct sales before, and I don't think I am doing very well yet.
  • Feeling like I am hounding people to book a Park Lane party with me, to try to get my business going.  I need help, and I don't feel like I am getting very much.
  • Being in between sizes from losing weight and not having the size pants that I need.  My bigger size falls off and looks horrible, but the smaller size is still a little snug and gives me a muffin top!  Neither one are ideal, but I am cheap and I am not going to go buy the middle size.
  • My moms wallet disappearing somewhere in my house, and it is no where to be found.
  • My hubby getting 2 days off for our anniversary!
  • Making it another year with the hubs, 6 years down and a lifetime to go!
  • The amount of fun we had on our night away in Austin!
  • My blog hitting 100 followers!
  • Summer officially starts for us when Maddi gets out of school at 1:15!
  • Putting in my first Park Lane order, and getting my mom $250 in free jewelry!!  Ask me how I can get you free jewelry too!!
  • Maddi's small and informal awards ceremony yesterday.  She got the award for "Teacher in Training"  She was a huge helper to her teacher and she is great at bossing her little sister around, I think she will be an awesome teacher!
  • Brayden growing so much in the last month!  We now have 3 teeth, he is a speed crawler, he has taken some steps, he says mama, ella, dada go and go guys!  *Go guys is my fav at the moment, can you tell we have been cheering on the Mavs*
  • The Mavs clawing back to win game 4!  Game 5 is tonight and we are still at home!


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