Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So What Wednesday

Have you seen that I reached 100 followers and that I am having a giveaway??  Check it out here!!

I am linking up again with Life After I Dew, for another edition of So What Wednesday!!
  • So what if I carry a Park Lane catalog and order forms with me in my diaper bag.  I guess I am hoping to sell to someone that I would meet in a store, but that would involve me leaving the house with my hair fixed and my makeup done, and that hasn't happened lately.
  • So what if I feel like a blob since I haven't worked out in a week in a half!!  I need to get off of my booty and get to work!
  • So what if I hate that my stuff never sells on Craigslist!  I need it gone people, please buy it!
  • So what if I never make my bed in the mornings but I always fix the sheets before I get back in it to go to sleep.
  • So what if it has been too hot for me to wear makeup or fix my hair.  I am not really going anywhere anyways.
  • So what if I cannot tell you the last book that I read.  I never can find time to read, except at night, and then I just want to fall asleep.
  • So what if last night's game between the Mavs and the Heat was a nail bitter, the Mavs pulled it out!!!
What are your So What's for the week??


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