Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So What Wednesday

  • So what if I am tired of buying baby food and made my own sweet potato puree last night!  Brayden loved it, it was easy and cheap, and I have a ton of leftovers to freeze!  Score, Score, and Score!
  • So what if I am nervous about writing a resume!  I have NEVER had to write one!!
  • So what if I love being a jewelry consultant for Jewels by Park Lane, but the money just isn't rolling in like I want it too, which is why I have to write a resume!
  • So what if I think everyone who has a blog should sign up with Social Spark!  What is not too love, you get paid to blog and you can accept or turn down any of the offers!!!
  • So what if I have been avoiding house cleaning like the plague, I will do it eventually *ok more like later today, well probably*
  • So what if our family trip to the movies turned out to be a big old flop *which really means I was in the hallway with the baby*, the girls had fun and I loved eating my Mr. Goodbar at home all day yesterday!
  • So what if the girls and I had cereal for dinner last night.  We got home from the store at 7 after my first ever Ad Match shopping trip to Wal-Mart.
What are your So What's for the week???  Go ahead, get it off your chest!!!


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