Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calling all my Sexy Ladies!!

I hope you all remember my blog post about being a sexy mommy, if not, you can get a refresher here.  While my week never went according to my plan (work out in the AM, shower and get ready for my day), I did try my best to get out of my PJ's before my hubby got home.

The first day he was stunned.  "Who are you all dressed up for?"  "Umm, you"  "Well, you look beautiful"  "Thank you honey"  He noticed!!

I didn't take pictures every day, but I did try to get makeup and jewelry on everyday, most days my hair was still in a pony *hey, I am a work in progress*

Here is some of my days with increased self-esteem and self-confidence!!

I definitely felt better getting dressed and fixed up, so to me it was worth it!

Are you a Sexy Mommy or Sexy Lady??  Then take pictures and let the world see!!!  Maybe we can make this a linky party!!  Who's with me??


Rachel said...

Good for you ,you look extra awesome!! It sounded like he appreciated your extra effort!

Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

Your hair looks great down! I guess I've always seen you with it up :))

Lucy said...

I always feel better when I get up and dressed, even when I am sick I do my very best to shower and get dressed. I think it does wonders for my self esteem. Glad you felt it perked you up!

Newest follower and I popped in from Social Parade!
Lucy's Reality

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