Sunday, July 10, 2011

A-HA Moments from My Week

I have had some A-HA moments in the past few days that I would like to share with you!
  1. I have been trying to conform my blog into something it is not.  I follow some blogs that are big into product review, giveaways, and such and I have been trying to mimic Thoughts from Tiffani into one of those blogs.  Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the blogs I follow, I just don't feel Thoughts from Tiffani fits into that kind of category.  I think I have been trying to force something that is not there.  I will still host a giveaway or do a product review if something pops up, but for now I think that Thoughts from Tiffani is going to go back to just being a lifestyle blog about my actual thoughts on life.
  2. I have been a very bad mom.  I have been checked out and uninvolved with my kids lately.  I realized how bad it had gotten when I reread my I Must Confess.... post.  I really need to get them out from in front of the tv, being more active, and having more fun.  They deserve so much more than I have been giving them lately. 
  3. I watched Joel Osteen this morning, and his message was simple.  Keep the faith in God, don't give up on your dreams and goals when things get tough, and God will reward you.  When the going gets tough we tend to lose our faith in God, but that is when we should be relying on God the most.  I needed to hear that message this morning.  I have gone through a lot lately, and I know that if I keep the faith, keep my eyes and heart close to God, that he will get me through.  God has a plan for me, and I need to look to him for guidance!
  4. If you eat like crap, you will feel like crap.  I was involved with my group of friends in a Biggest Loser contest, and I was eating great, working out, and feeling better.  I have gotten way off track and gone back to my old eating habits {fast food, quick fix meals at home, unhealthy snacks}, and while I have not put on any extra weight {surprisingly}, I feel the effects that it has put on my body.  I am moody and sluggish, my tummy has been upset for days, and I am not sleeping well.  The "food" that I am putting in my body is not fueling it at all, and I have to put a stop to it!  It is so darn easy to go back to bad habits, but I am bound and determined to change.  I have to for my total health and the health of my family.  I need suggestions, meal ideas, recipes, tips on healthy cooking, anything you are willing to offer, I need it!!
These are my A-HA moments from the week!  Did you have any??  


meandmom said...

I like what you said about not trying to make your blog what it's not. My daughter and I have a really simple blog, and that's what feels right for us at the moment so we stick with that. If at some other time, what feels right is to change things we'll do that then. You've gotta do what is best for you and not worry about what other people are doing. I am a new follower from the Finding Friends blog hop. Visit my daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom ( where we talk about anything and everything.

Rachel said...

Good for you - you've got to stick with what works for you and what feels right on your blog! But growing and evolving is OK too, as long as YOU love it!! :)

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