Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Must Confess....

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I Must Confess....
  • I love beer with salt and lime, my favorite at the moment is Corona Light with Twangz Lime Salt and fresh squeezed lime!!
  • I obsessively check my facebook from my iPod!
  • Ella has been at my mom's for the week, and I miss her tremendously!
  • Marco is gone for 3-4 days to pick up his mom {who will be visiting for 9 days} and attend a wedding while I take care of the kids, and I am super jealous!!  I am planning my time away, it will come!
  • I don't sleep good when Marco is gone.  I hate sleeping by myself and not having him in the house if some thing was to happen.
  • I love watching Brayden walk!  He has to walk with one arm in the air since he is used to holding my hand {so cute}!
  • I really want to dye the girls' hair pink and blue before they have to go back to school, maybe tomorrow I will make a trip to Sally's!
  • I have become a Pinterest addict! 
What are your confessions for the week??
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Mare said...

I too like a cold beer with lime! hold the salt tho :)

Kim Bee said...

This caught my eye as my son's name is Braydon. Lol. Out blog hopping. Nice to meet you. Feel free to stop by my blogs. Kim

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