Monday, July 18, 2011

Scrapbook Letters

A while back I made some cute pictures of each of the kids to hang on our stair wall.  I knew that I wanted something else to go in between the photos, I just wasn't sure what.  I found these really cute wooden letters on sale at Michael's, and decided to get creative.  I don't have any tutorial pictures, but I can tell you what I did!!

For Brayden's "B", I just painted the sides of the "B" blue, traced his "B" on to the back of his scrapbook paper, cut it out and glued it on.  I hot glued a brown ribbon on the back to hang it with.

For all the girls, I painted the sides of their letters pink, and followed the same steps for the scrapbook paper.  I glued a more frilly white ribbon to the back of the girls' letters, and of course added a dash of glitter!!

Here is a picture of the finished letters beside their pictures.
What do you think??

I know I need to add more to the wall, I am just not sure what.
Any suggestions??


Sarah said...

LOVE these! What a great DIY - you're very gifted :)

Thomasina said...

Omg girl I'm loving your new blog look! It looks amazing and I'm going to have to check out the site you used. Anyway, on my stair wall I have pics of my family along side pics of Miah.

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