Sunday, August 14, 2011

Countdown to a new school year!

Wow!  I cannot believe how quickly the summer flew by!  Is it really the middle of August already?  Where does the time go?

I am feeling a little bit guilty because we have nothing to show for our summer.  We didn't take any trips, we didn't go any where awesome, we didn't do....well, anything!  With the temps soaring the past month, can you really blame me?? 

It has been anywhere from 100 to 110+ and that is with out the heat index, no joke!!  It takes all my strength just to go get groceries with all the kids, much less get out and do something fun!

I have started watching 2 little girls Monday-Friday, so the idea of getting out by myself with 6 kids is just unbearable to think about!  No way, not happening!!

This is the last week of Savannah being here, and I am sad to see her go.  As hard as it is with the 3 girls fighting over toys, movies, bed space, well{everything}, she can be a huge help!  She loves to help clean, help with Brayden, and she is seriously funny!!

With all the kids running around, I have seriously neglected my "job" as a Park Lane jewelry consultant!  I have not had a single sell in months, and for the most part, I am okay with that.  I do love selling jewelry, so I hope that I can get my business back up and running!!

For our family, the approaching school year means birthdays!  Starting with Savannah's, who will be 9 tomorrow!  Next is Brayden, who will be 1 on August 26th, and then Maddison, who will be 7 on September 3rd.  It makes me love Ella so much since her birthday is in the middle of October, thank goodness, so we get a little break from the birthday maddness!

We have finished back to school shopping for uniforms and school supplies thanks to my dad and wonderful step mom, Sandie!!  They have been a huge help, and took on the burden of shopping for us!  Maddi will be decked out to the 9's in her awesome school uniforms!  They also went above and beyond and bought her school supplies, a new back pack and lunch box!  She is definitely ready!!  Thanks to Dillard's and Target for putting up with my rowdy children that day! 

Savannah, had the choice of getting school clothes or regular clothes, and she choose new, awesome {not school} clothes!  She is a fashionista, and was not about to pass up an opportunity for in style attire!!  She did get a new backpack and lunch box though!!  And just for being so cute, Ella got a new outfit and a new journal to color in, so she did not feel leftout of school shopping!!  I love my dad and step mom so much for taking that burden off of our shoulders!!!  They are truly amazing!!

My mom has also been a huge hit this summer, taking Maddison for a week and Ella twice for a week by herself.  My girls love going to hang with their Grani {or Goopey or Sparkle, depending on the day you ask them}, and it means a lot to my mom to get that special time with them.  We don't let Savannah go, because her time is already limited with her dad, so she gets to stay in our boring house all summer!!

The countdown is on!  One week left, and school officially starts!  Am I ready for an empty {for the most part} house?  Am I ready to have a first grader??  I guess no matter what, I have to be!!

I hope you all enjoy your last week of summer!!  I know I am going to!


Rachel said...

wow, one week! Almost there! I'm sure if you look back over a bunch of little things you guys did a lot this summer!

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