Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Handprint Elephants

I saw a cute hand print elephant craft on pinterest, and I thought it would be fun to make.
I really figured my older girls would think it was too young and easy to make a hand print elephant, but to my surprise they had a blast.
We started by painting grass and a sky.
Then they had fun painting their own hands grey, and sticking them on the paper.
Adding little details to make it look like an elephant {an eye (just a dot from a marker) and an ear (just an oval cut out from some scrapbook paper)} was also fun for them to do on their own.
Their elephants turned out super cute, and I love all the extra touches of birds and flowers.
I saw on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas where they made hand print zebras and giraffes, I can't wait to try that!!

We also made scrapbook letters.
I cut out each of the girls letters from cardboard boxes, and cut up some scrapbook paper into small, thin strips.
We put tacky glue on the letters, and I let the girls go to town with the strips of paper.
*Not sure why I didn't get an after photo, sorry!*
It was very interesting to see each of their different personalities come through the letters; Maddi's letter was perfectly aligned with groups of matching paper. :)  She will be my OCD child!!

We had such a fun day!
My girls are crafters at heart!!!


Susan Kane said...

What a great idea! I must try it with my grandkids! Love your blog!

TsangShay said...

What an awesome idea to keep the kids busy and very creative too.

btw, stopping by from FMBT, hope you can follow me back too

April said...

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Good Girl Gone Green said...

I love handprint crafts. My daughter isn't old enough yet, but I am thinking of at least making a little handprint though...:)

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I'm going to have to try that with The Boss this week. He's suddenly all into art!

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