Friday, August 5, 2011

Crayon Experiment

I saw this awesome picture on pinterest,
and I knew my girls would have a blast trying this out!!
Yesterday, with the temps reaching a mere 110 here in Texas,
I thought it would be fun to watch the crayons melt in the sun.

We found lots of different brands and colors of crayons,
ripped off the paper,

tacky glued them onto a piece of cardboard,

and set them out in the sun to let the magic happen.

It was crazy how quickly the first crayon started melting, it took 15 minutes I think.

Most of the others quickly caught up, with the lagers being pink and orange {those 2 never fully melted}.
I wish I would have gotten a final picture after we took the picture out of the sun.
The crayons dried out and had the same consistency as a regular crayon, just smeared down the cardboard.

I think this would make an awesome experiment for homeschooling families or science teachers.
*You can ask how long do you think it would take for the crayons to start melting?
*Use different brands, and have the kids guess which ones will melt the fastest or slowest or not at all.
*You can ask whether or not you think the crayons will harden back up.
*You could use the hairdryer or just leave the photo in the sun.

We had lots of fun checking on the progress of our picture over the course of the hour!!
What do you think about our rainbow??


Kelli @ RTSM said...

That is such a fun project! I saw that on pinterest too and wondered if it would really work! We may have to dig out some of our old broken crayons and give it a try this weekend:)

Mindy said...

That's awesome! Didn't try it and may have missed my window. So glad you did!

Summer said...

Fun! I have seen this on Pinterest and have wanted to try it.

Debbie said...

Brilliant use of solar power!!! Wow. Texas!

I'm having my first ever linkie party at the end of the week to celebrate my Natioanl INDIE Excellence award for my picture book. I'll be giving away signed copies of my book, "Red, White and Blue."

***We rainbow people need to stick together. Thanks for allowing me to share my project, which would be the perfect resource for 9-11 observation next month.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Great idea! Might save this for the fall when we study the sun! Stopping by from The Sunday Showcase!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

how fun is this! and 110 - WOW! I can not imagine that! I am going to feature this on this week's Sunday Showcase - love it!!!!!!!

Thanks for linking this up to the Sunday Showcase!Hope to see you link up this weekend on the Sunday Showcase & be sure to pick up your featured button too. Looking forward to seeing what you have to share.


kasia said...

this is absolutely awesome!

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